Monday, 29 June 2015

Day 29 Make some Pebble Bugs

This evenings activity for the 30 Days Wild Challenge was to sit in the garden with my youngest daughter and make some Pebble Bugs together.  I went first to show her how its done, impressing her with my painting skills.  After showing her the technique she then had a go at making one of her own.

Start with a pebble

Paint the head black and the body 
a colour of your choice and add some spots

Next add some eyes and a smile

My finished Pebble Bug

Over to you then

My Daughter's Pebble Bug

Two Pebble Bugs 
at the side of the pond

Not a bad effort

After making some Pebble Bugs we planted some Sunflower seeds.  A bit late planting, but I was saving this activity until the end just in case I got stuck for ideas.

 Our chosen pots

 Some drainage at the bottom

 Plantpot added with compost

 Our Sunflower seeds

 A little more compost on the top

Position in the sun and water


  1. This is so sweet! What sort of paints did you use?

  2. wonderful 30 days of wild photographs! just catching up on your previous posts, im only 14 days in but enjoying getting out there with my daughter (8yrs). It hasnt been a hard task though my fav' place is by the beach or woodlands. When i was a little girl (just about remember now hehe!!) we used to paint shells and stones just like that! ;)

    1. Thanks Country Rabbit. I'll have to catch up on your 30 Days Wild posts too.

  3. Love your painted bugs and also the plant pots for your sunflowers. Looks like a fun evening:)