Saturday, 20 June 2015

Day 20 Sit by a River

I had planned something else for today but forecasted rain meant I had to but that on the back burner.  Instead I decided to take an early evening drive up to Ribchester to carry out today's random act of wildness, to sit by a river.

The place where I sat today was the same spot I'd sat with my late Mum some 14 years ago.  We were on holiday at Hothersall Farm and had walked from the farm to Ribchester and had sat by the River Ribble drinking orange lemonade. 

I was joined this evening by my eldest daughter and after sitting by the river, we had a walk to Hothersall Farm and back re-tracing the very same route that I'd taken with my Mum that hot sunny day.  The weather was nice this evening and the air fresh with that countryside smell.

Me sitting by the River Ribble

The route taken from 
Ribchester to Hothersall Farm and back

The River Ribble with
Pendle Hill in the distance

Collared Dove

River Ribble looking right from the bench

River Ribble looking left from the bench

Pendle Hill
in the distance

Daugher looking at the anglers

Female Blackbird

We paid a visit to the
Roman Bath House Ruins

Whats left of the Roman Bath House

Daugher stops for a photo

Keep still!

The Church in Ribchester

Dunnock One

Dunnock Two

Bridge over the brook

Approaching the bridge

Watching swans on the River

River Ribble twinkles in the sun

The River Ribble

Another View

And another view

The Farmhouse where we stayed
on holiday 14 years ago

Milk maker in action

The Farmhouse

Another one who wouldn't keep still

Some more milk makers

Crossing the stile

River Ribble through the trees

Woodland path along the river

Bugs and slugs under a log

Creepy crawlies

Another glimpse of the River


Remember those swans


Bugs on a gate

Another shot

Chaffinch singing in the tree



View from the farmers field

Nice tree shot

Nearly back to the start

Male Blackbird singing

Another sit down by the River
before we drive home

Enjoying the moment

Quick video from me

Last shot of the River Ribble
before we leave


  1. Lovely shots of the Ribble and Pendle Hill. It seems funny seeing the slope of the Hill going to the left as I only ever see it the other way round! I'm enjoying your snippets of family history too.

    1. Thanks Julie. Yes, I noticed when we sat on the bench that the slope of Pendle Hill was different to when we walked it from Barley on the other side.

  2. Beautiful photos, what a lovely walk and how nice to have such happy memories of walking and sitting there by the river:)

  3. That is one rotund chaffinch!!! I really love your photos, you capture a dreamy beauty in your photos and that goldfinch was beautiful with the movement even though he/she wouldn't keep still! You see so much!

  4. What a beautiful walk! Dave's dad mustn't live far from there as they have a view of Pendle Hill and are close to the Ribble! That's a beautiful tree and I like all the bugs! The wildflower is pineapple weed - I love the smell of that!