Friday, 5 June 2015

Day 05 Watch a Tree Blow in the Wind

At the end of what seems like a long week at work, it was nice to sit in the garden this evening watching the wind blow through the tall tree in the garden at the back of ours.

I often sit quietly in the garden watching this tree, which is a mecca for the birds, and love to hear the sound of the leaves as the wind blows through it.  My Wife dislikes the tree, not because she doesn't love nature and green things but more to do with it's height.  She says it's too tall and hates the tree roots which end up surfacing all over our garden.

Perhaps it is a bit too tall and yes the roots all over the lawn can be a nuisance but the pleasure it gives is worth it.  Nothing beats lying in bed with the windows open listening to the leaves rustle in the summer breeze or seeing the the leaves change colour in Autumn.

tree overlooking our backgarden

something green to look at each evening

ivy growing up the middle of the tree

overhanging branches

I was stressing slightly about the 30 Days Wild Challenge today that perhaps a couple of my random acts of wildness so far have been a little dull.  Often during weekdays there is only time to fit in shorter activities either during my lunch hour or in the evening after work.

The fact that I didn't take the camera to work this week meant I had to leave my activities to the evening in order to blog about them but next week I have some lunchtime activities lined up so will make sure I take my camera to work with me.

Earlier today I did do some research for one of my upcoming random acts of wildness.  I emailed Natural England to see if I needed a permit to access one of the National Nature Reserves I plan to visit soon and later they replied back to say that particular site had now been dedicated for open access, which is good news.

watching a tree blowing in the wind
and enjoying a pint of cold bitter


  1. I love that sound too... I sat in the park and listened to the wind in the trees :) I've found the first week a bit difficult and thought some of my days were boring but I think we've both done just fine really - some days have to be simple, 'boring' things or this challenge would be impossible for many of us!

  2. It is difficult to fit in random acts around working life and all of mine have been very short. I've also been stressing which is ridiculous and really seems to defeat the object of the challenge. Like Louise, I think we're all doing pretty fine and, hurrah, we've all made it through our first week!

  3. Sounds like a perfect evening after a hard week of work - sitting outside and enjoying the garden. I think I've been concerned about the 'smallness' of the things I've been doing but then that is what it is all about just getting out there and doing just one small 'wild' thing even if just for 5 minutes before work or at lunchtime:)

  4. I love watching trees in the wind, though yesterday Edinburgh had rather too much wind for anyone's liking!

    One of the great things about 30 Days Wild i think is how it encourages you to fit small things into your daily routine.