Saturday, 27 June 2015

Day 27 Look for Lizards in the Sand Dunes

With sun forecast for Saturday, me and my eldest daughter took a drive out to Ainsdale for todays random act of wildness,  to look for Lizards in the Sand Dunes.  

We got to Ainsdale National Nature Reserve at about 11am and spent a good few hours walking through the dunes and in particular along the frontal dunes were I'd been told I would have the best chance to see any. 

Unfortunately having my daughter with me meant I couldn't sit too long waiting to spot a lizard as she was starting to get bored and hot in the sun and wanted to go down to the beach.

I felt quite disappointed that today's activity resulted in me not being able to get a photograph of a lizard but I can confirm that I did see one with my own eyes as it ran for cover in the marram grass whilst I was making my way towards the beach.

Start of the walk

Heading of towards the dunes

Dunes in sight


Making our way to the frontal dunes

On the lookout for anything interesting

Lovely wildflowers

Spiders web and burrow

Snail shell hanging on the grass

Walking one of the many
paths through the dunes

Five minute rest

Loads of these Beetles around

Nice colours

Wildflowers growing in the sand


Meadow wildflowers

Another trailpath

Meadow Pipit

Broken Egg Shell

Cloud watching from the dunes

Interesting clouds formation

Daughter rests whilst I sit
and watch out for Lizards

Daisies on the dunes

Whispy clouds

Trees in the distance are
where we started our walk

The beach and sea from
one of the sand dunes

More daisies in the dunes

Pretty wildflowers

More insects

Marram grass were I
sat looking for lizards

Walking along the frontal dunes

Someone enjoying a bit
of Kite Skateboarding

Down to the beach

Beetle in the Frontal Sand Dune

Fungi growing in the dunes

Black Headed Seagull

Walking barefooted along the beach

My sand scribble

Lots of Kite Snowboarding
going on on the beach

Daughter sitting in the
dunes looking for lizards

Some walkers on the beach

Heading back

Dark Green Fritillary Butterfly?

Back near the start

Pine cone

Heading towards the woods

Woods at Ainsdale Nature Reserve

 When I got back from Ainsdale I spent the late afternoon and evening clearing up behind the shed and found a lovely big spider in a box of wood. I managed to get a photo before it went into hiding.

After clearing up, me and my eldest daughter got the tent out and tonight me and her are camping out in the back garden. I'll update you on Sunday with how our night out in the open went.

The two man tent is up

Daughter adding some
blankets ready for later.


  1. Great photos. Lots of lovely wildflowers but I was most excited by the fritillary as I've never seen that particular kind. Also didn't know fungi grew in sand! Am going to check how I can get there from here now - thanks for the post.

  2. Another lovely day out and plenty of interesting finds, especially the wild flowers. Had a look at the beach too... add that to my list to visit.
    Amanda xx

  3. OOoh, the fritillary is coool!!! Well done, you saw so much!x

  4. What a super day out, even if you didn't see as many lizards as you'd have liked. Those beetles are, I think, garden chafers. I've never seen fungi in sand before either! Great photos!

    1. P.S. Hope you enjoyed the garden camp!

    2. Thanks Louise. It was fun but we ended up damp after it rained thanks to a leaky tent.

    3. Great photos, sand dunes are amazing places to find interesting things. Hope the camping went well:)

  5. Yes Ian, definitely a Dark Green Fritillary.
    I have never actually seen one yet.

    1. Thanks for helping identify it Roy.