Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 04 Make a Home for Bees

Today's random act of wildness was to make a home for bees.  I'd bought a couple of insect houses (£3 each)  from Morrisons at the end of last week with the 30 Days Wild Challenge in mind and decided to spend time in the garden after work this evening hanging them up.

Bearing in mind I'd already recently built a bug hotel I thought these would make an excellent addition to the garden whilst also providing more homes for bees.

insect houses ready for hanging

tools at the ready,
drill, goggles, rawplugs and screws

five minutes later, all done

time to standback
and admire my handywork

meet the beekeeper

how they look from the garden


  1. I bought one of those last week too! We already have a few up but I'm sure there's room for another - when I get around to it! Your little wildlife corner is looking brilliant - quite inspiring!

    1. Thanks Louise, always good to read that others are inspired.

  2. I keep threatening my daughter with a bug hotel - she hates insects. I think I'll have to sneak one in somewhere. Your garden is looking lovely, particularly when there's a cat in it :-)

  3. So glad you managed to get some of these bee hotels, two more went up yesterday in my garden , I have six now and the Mason bees have moved into the ones I have on the front of the house which is lovely...
    Amanda xx

    1. I put these up close to a lavender bush so fingers crossed now that some bees move in.