Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Day 03 Watch the Clouds

Quite an easy act of random wildness today but nevertheless it was still nice to have some quality me time.

I spent about an hour outdoors this lunchtime just sitting quietly watching the clouds .  Still windy but blue sky at last, a change from the horrible gray skies that have been with us for the last few days.


  1. It's been amazing to see the blue sky at last hasn't it. And sunshine too. Anyone would think it was almost summer!!

  2. I like a bit of cloudspotting! I've had an easy day today too, just a bit of time in the garden.

  3. We have done that to day at work, as we are so high up (Leeds Bradford Airport) you could see for miles, me and another colleague were trying to find clouds that looked like something, best we came up with was a submarine!
    Amanda xx

  4. Ian, Love the cloud pictures. Certainly looks a more enjoyable challenge than stomping round in the cold and wet on day one. Let's hope warm and sunny for the remaninig days of the challenge. Although there is great satisfaction in having done something on a day when eveyrone else stays at home and is miserable!

  5. Wonderful atmospheric clouds, Ian. Thank you for your ladybird comment. Keep an eye out for those strange young 'ladybirds'!

    1. Thanks Caroline, you're welcome too.