Friday, 26 June 2015

Day 26 Have a go at Outdoor Art

I had this evenings 30 Days Wild activity planned for the first week  of the Challenge but we never got round to doing it until now.  It was a simple one today, make some art outdoors using materials from the garden. Helping me this evening was my youngest daughter.

Materials for the activity:
Cut grass, leaves, slate and some gravel.

First we placed a large plastic rectangle shaped lid on the ground and covered it with grass cuttings.  Then we placed our letter templates into position before covering the letters with gravel.

After doing the lettering we worked on the border.  At first we put leaves around the edge but we scrapped that idea and added little pieces of slate instead.

Our cat was on hand to check our
project and make sure that the
birds didn't distract us from our task.

After small pieces of slate were added
to the border, my daughter
then added leaves around the edge.

It was a bit of a tricky job putting
down leaves in the evening breeze.

Eventually the breeze died down
enough to put down the leaves.

We added some berries and leaves
from our garden Wintergreen plant.

The finished result:

'Keep Calm and Go Wild'


  1. Brilliant, Ian it looks great what a super idea:)

  2. Ha, that's brilliant!!!! It's really fun making art out of leaves and grass etc, isn't it!!x

  3. Great idea! I've had 'wild art' on my list as a simple activity but haven't got around to it yet - I'm not very creative so thinking what to do for it make it not very simple at all for me, haha! Your finished piece looks great - perhaps you should transfer it somewhere public, maybe adding #30DaysWild!

  4. Brilliant! So professional looking - you both did a great job. Love your cat too :)