Monday, 1 June 2015

Day 01 Explore a New Local Trail

My challenge almost never got off the ground this evening. After an okay sort of day weather wise, as I arrived home from work the wind began to really pick up and the heavens opened up.

The plan in the morning had been to start with something easy for day one of the challenge, to explore a new local trail around Bickerstaffe, about a five minute drive from my house.  The rest of the family were to join me but given the horrible weather, I told them that accompanying me on my first challenge was voluntary. My eldest daughter decided to come along and keep me company so after tea we drove out to Bickerstaffe and parked up in the car park next to the football field.

It rained throughout the walk, the wind never relented and I lost count of the number of times I had to wipe the camera lens but thirty minutes later we were back at the car park.

Let's hope the weather improves tomorrow!

Map at the ready

Car park and the starting point

Holy Trinity Church

Colour in the churchyard

Churchyard flowers

Start of the Trail

Puddles on the trailpath



Purple and green

Buttercups and nettles

Looking across the field

Hidden ponds

Hints of purple amongst shades of green

Windswept Fields


Ploughed field

Hidden streams

Looking back towards
the woods we passed by

A spot of purple in the field

I wonder what wildlife you
can find on that roundabout

Under the motorway bridge
and out of the wind and rain

The halfway point

The bridge over the motorway appears

My daughter soaking wet

Bridge over the motorway

The M58 motorway

Rain washed leaves

Soaked but the end is near


  1. Well done to both of you, you will remember this day... in fact your daughter might remind you in years to come !!
    Does look a lovely walk...
    Amanda xx

  2. Lovely photos. It's always nice to discover a new trail, you never know what you'll find!

    1. Thanks. I may have seen more if the weather had been better but it was still good to get out after work and complete my first challenge.

  3. I'm sure it was a lovely walk (to do on a sunny day!!). We often wonder about wild life on roundabouts. You often see lots a rabbits, happily munching away whilst watching the traffic. Well done to your daughter, I know I would struggle to drag mine out on a rainy walk. Sarah

  4. I am hoping to discover a new path / trail sometime this month too... I've not planned anything though, just making it up as I go each day! Good on your daughter for doing the walk with you - lovely photos!