Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day 23 Climb up a Tree

This evening I had planned to sit near a local brook with my eldest daughter to see if we could spot any Water Voles but dense vegetation meant it was near impossible to get to the waters edge.

We decided to leave the vole watching until another time at a different location and instead had a walk out across the farmers fields via some footpaths to a row of trees where we would be able to do some tree climbing instead.

fifteen stone of idiot
up in the tree

The tree we climbed in

Eldest daughter climbing

Going higher

From the ground looking up

One handed pose

Thumbs up

My turn to climb

"I'm sure I heard a cracking sound"

Stopping at the pond 

Kirkby Brook

Kirkby Brook

Simonswood Brook

Public footpath across the farmers field

Ox-eye Daisies


Ox-eye Daisies

Meadow Vetchling?



Ox-eye Daisy

Ox-eye Daisies


  1. Looks like great fun, Ian - lovely photos too:)

  2. Thought about climbing trees to day !
    Nice to see the wild flowers and the sunshine..
    Amanda xx

  3. impressive tree climbing skills!

  4. Oh I haven't climbed a tree in years - definitely adding that to my list!

  5. Brilliant! You are both very nimble. I tried climbing a tree a few weeks ago and I am still no better at climbing now than I was as a child! You're having great fun on this challenge, I like it greatly! The ox-eye daisies are beautiful!x

  6. Looks like a fun evening! I haven't climbed a tree for about 4 years I don't think!