Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Day 10 Watch the Sunset

I finished work this evening and found myself stuck in heavy traffic on my way home.  Normally I can be home from work in about fifteen to twenty minutes but today it took me over an hour. 

I arrived home exhausted and hot and by the time I'd cooked myself some tea I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with myself for the rest of the evening. A book I'd ordered on Wild Flowers had arrived so I thought perhaps I could sit outside later and have a read through it for day ten of the challenge.

However with it being a hot day I had a feeling the sun would be a nice colour come sunset so I decided to have a drive out to the country lanes with my youngest daughter and watch the sun disappear there.  I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod and headed off towards Bickerstaffe.

We stayed for about thirty minutes and watched as the sun disappeared behind the trees managing to take a couple of photos before it finally vanished behind the trees.

When I got back home I had a
quick read through my new book
which I'd ordered second hand from Ebay.

I ordered this book because it's received very good reviews for helping with wild flower identification and I really want to be able to identify the flowers that I take photos of.  To test it out I looked up the flower below which I'd uploaded a few days ago in my 'Walk around a Lake' post.  I'd put down that the flower was a Meadow Buttercup but now having looked through the book tonight, I'm thinking it could actually be a Greater Spearwort:

What do you think,
is it a
Greater Spearwort?


  1. Lovely sunset photos and well worth the effort of seeking them out even though you were tired after your long day at work. Glad you were able to identify the flower from your new book:)

    1. I'm not sure I have identified it now, I'm still unsure and have asked for a second opinion.

  2. Looking at the leaves I'd say it's greater spearwort. Meadow buttercups don't have the green centre either I don't think. All the same family though! Roger Phillips is a good choice I'd bet - I know his mushroom book is really good and mushroom experts consider it the bible for mushrooms! I've never seen his flower books though. I can also recommend the Domino Guide called Wildflowers of Britain and Ireland. The Domino Insects book is a good one too! They're my current favourites for ID!

  3. Ian, for me it's all about the leaves and where it was growing. Greater Spearwort usually is growing in water. But if those leaves at the foot of your picture are on the same plant, then it's a Buttercup. All the leaves on Spearwort are spear shaped not just the upper stem leaves.

    Hope that helps. It looks as though you are havng a great time with this challenge.