Sunday, 21 June 2015

Day 21 Walk up a Mountain

After closely watching the weather forecast on Friday and Saturday I decided I would be able to carry out my arranged vist to Llanberis today for Day 21 of the 30 Days Wild challenge, walking up a mountain.

I've been to Llanberis several times now, twice to run the Snowdonia Marathon and once to run up to the summit of Mount Snowdon and back down again in the Snowdon Mountain race.

Today I wanted to take it easy for change and walk up Mount Snowdon via the Llanberis path, a 9 mile round trip and a 975 metre ascent. I say take it easy but even the easiest route up the mountain requires alot of effort.

I was joined for today's walk by my eldest daughter who has never been up a Mountain before.

Me running in the 
Snowdon Mountain Race back in 2007

My race medal from 2007

The start of the todays walk

A map of our route

The tarmac path

The tarmac path

Time to leave the tarmac path

The long upwards slog

Some people chose to
run up the Mountain today

Heading up to the Halfway House

The Mountain Railway

A lonely wildflower

Heading into the cloud

The path up

Almost time to rest and
have something to eat

A Cafe owner on the side 
of the tarmac path was giving
out free sandwiches to walkers
going up Snowdon via the
Llanberis path.

I opted for the pulled pork, cheese
and BBQ sauce one.

Looking up towards the Mountain Train

Are we there yet?

Clogwyn Coch

Looking down to Nant Peris

Nant Peris

Steady slog

One of many trains
coming up to the summit

In the cloud

Cloud clears

Heading towards the summit

The summit appears
through the cloud

Daughter climbs up to the summit

At the top of Snowdon

Me, the man behind the camera

Sheep on the summit,
right next to a sheer drop

Another sheep dicing with danger

Grib Coch,
I once scrambled across that 
during another Walk up Snowdon

Looking down towards the miners track

Train on its way up

Snowdon Lilies growing in the grass

Snowdon Lily

Snowdon Lilies


Meadow Pipit

Nearing the tarmac path
on our way back down

Sheep in the sun


Back on the tarmac path

Me in Llanberis
drinking ice cold milk
after a good few hours walking

We had our drinks sat next to a pond in
a GP Practice's Garden facing
the Electric Mountain Visitor Centre
and enjoyed our cold drinks

Looking at tadpoles and pondskaters

Our seats in the garden

Wildflowers growing in the Garden

Wildflowers growing in the wall

 Herring Gull on Llyn Padarn

 Another Herring Gull

Quick ten minutes by
Llyn Padarn
before we drive home


  1. Wonderful day out, we went up on the train a few years back, and have walked it when we were kids. Would love to walk it again before my body gives up !!! lovely part of the country. I would like to look for some of the rare wild flowers they have up there. Proper wild challenge..well done.
    Amanda xx

  2. I'm full of admiration for you and your daughter - how wonderful to walk to the summit and back, I've only ever been up on the train, the views were stunning. I've loved all your photos, they gave me a real sense of what it would be like to walk up there:)

    1. Glad you liked the photos Rosie.

  3. Oh very well done!! I climbed up Snowdon a few years ago and it was such a slog! I cheated and got the train down. It was the fog and blasting wind up on the summit that made me feel unable to descend! Well done to your daughter! A great achievement and you saw so many lovely sights.

  4. Great photos and well done for climbing all that way (and for persuading your daughter to go with you - no chance of mine doing that!).

    1. Thanks Julie, glad you liked the photos.

  5. What a fantastic 30DW activity and well done to your daughter too! I've never been up Snowdon - walking or on the train - but I'd love to! Really enjoyed the photos!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos Louise. You should try and walk up Snowdon some time, it's a beautiful place.