Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Day 02 Walk at your Local Park

This evening I had planned to don my wellies and stomp around in some mud at my local park.  However, with there not being that much mud around my neck of the woods, today's random act of wildness was a short walk at my local park instead.  

It was still windy here in Merseyside this evening but the rain had stopped and I was joined on my walk by my youngest daughter whilst the eldest stayed at home to do her homework.

The park is only five minutes from my house and is a place that I have fond memories of having spent most of my childhood either playing in it or walking through it on my way home from school.

Kirkby brook which runs through the park
(we used to jump across this brook as kids)

St Chads church

Me in my wellies


Mud stomping

More mud!

More mud stomping

St Chads Park

My company this evening


Blowing Dandelions

We spotted an Heron 
in the distance at the wildlife pond

Bridge over the brook

Kirkby brook


The wildlife pond

Looking for the Heron


Yellow Flag Iris

Various pond plants

Yellow Flag Iris

A Coot with it's young
(all three dived whilst we were watched them)

View across the wildlife pond

Coot comes closer

Looking for tadpoles

Back near the start

St Chads church
built between 1869 and 1871

The Bell Tower

We used to watch Kestrels
nesting in the tower from our 
classroom window at Millbrook School.

Gosh I worked out the maths,
 that was over 30 years ago!


  1. A nice coincidence that we've both spent day two in childhood haunts! I love a good muddy walk :) Watching kestrels from school sounds great!

  2. Great park! I particularly covet the pond as I've not been able to find a decent one around here yet.