Friday, 19 June 2015

Day 19 Take an Evening Stroll along the Beach

Today's scheduled random act of wildness was an evening stroll along the beach, so after tea I headed out to Formby with my Wife and eldest daughter.  The weather hasn't been that good today so there was no evening sunshine, just gentle winds and the odd bit of drizzle.

It would have been nice to have come another day when the tide was in and the sun was out but it was still a good walk and a nice way to end a week at work.  The best thing about this evenings walk was the fact that hardly anybody was out walking which meant we had the beach near enough to ourselves.

Me and my Wife enjoying the sea air



yellow flowers
(need to ID these)

grass covered sand

Heading to the Beach

The beach comes into view

The tide is out

Running up a dune

sand scribble

Writing her name

Admiring her sand scribble

more sand scribble

Bench by the dunes


Fly having a drink


Bee on a Bluebell?
(i think it's a Bluebell)

Getting up close

Pine Cone

Walking through the woods
on our way back to the car


  1. Oh how lovely! I like Formby beach and the sand dunes there also the wood with red squirrels - great to have it to yourselves:)

  2. Lovely sand dunes. I think your unknown yellow flowers are birdsfoot trefoil, definitely some sort of yellow vetch.

  3. Lovely post and great photos. Formby is on my list of places to visit (the wood for the red squirrels and the beach and dunes for wildlife). It looks a good place to walk.

  4. The bee is SOOOOOO fluffy! You really do live in a beautiful place!x

  5. I like Formby - I've only been once, about 8 years ago, but I'd love to revisit! The flowers are birdsfoot trefoil.